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Add your Mac to someone elses Truple Account

How to request your device be added to another account

Last updated: October 30, 2023

Truple MacOS Setup


Two things to be aware of with the current version of Truple for Mac.

  1. This version of Truple for Mac does not currently support blacking out banking websites. We strongly encourage the use of the image blurring feature to hide private information that may be captured.
  2. We originally attempted to release a Mac version back in July 2019. We submitted an early alpha release to be notarized. Shortly afterwards, we noticed our code signing certificate had been revoked. Without any warning or communication, Apple had revoked our certificate. It's now been over 9 months. We've contacted Apple support several times, and each time we're told the same thing: "your account is under review, and we can't provide a timeline for the review process". Our best guess is they have privacy concerns over the app. There's also a chance they didn't like the way we coded something. Since that time we've actually completely rebuilt the Mac app, because the original implementation came with some significant drawbacks. Because of this, we're signing the Mac app with a self signed certificate. This means 1-2 extra steps will need to be taken in order to run the app (which are described in the instructions below). This also means Apple has not reviewed our code, so you'll get a warning stating the app could be dangerous. Hopefully Apple will understand the value Truple provides, and work with us to clear our account. In the mean time this solution with the self signed certificate will get you up and running on MacOS.


  • Mac OS 10.14.4+ (specific version of Mojave & Catalina)
    • No action required--skip straight to the Instructions below.
  • Mac OS 10.14.3 (specific version of Mojave) to Yosemite
  • Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) and older


  1. Download the Truple app from (Because of #3 mentioned above, trying to open the installer directly won't work--you'll get a warning message. Instead go on to the step below.)

  2. Open the Finder app

  3. Go to the Downloads folder

  4. control + click or right click on the truple.macos.installer.pkg file, then select Open

  5. Read the warning message. Click open.

  6. Install the Truple Application by clicking through the installer. At the end, the app should open automatically.

  7. Click Add device to Account

  8. Provide the subscribed Truple email address you wish to add your device to and a device name, then click Submit.

  9. Your add device request was sent to the account owner. They need to login at and grant the request.

  10. Once the request is granted, click "Check if granted" and the app will launch the monitoring service.

  11. You'll then be prompted to grant the Screen Capture permission for the Truple app. Click Open System Preferences to do so.

  12. Check the box near the Truple app.

  13. Click Quit Now to shutdown the Truple app immediately.

  14. The Truple app should automatically restart on it's own.

  15. A reboot is required after the first install to initialize some of the anti-tamper features. At your convience, reboot the machine.

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