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Chromebook Setup Guide

How to setup Truple screenshot accountability on Chromebooks

Last updated: October 30, 2023


  1. Click here to go to the Truple app in the Chrome Web Store

  2. Click the Add to Chrome button

  3. Click Add Extension

  4. Click the Truple icon in the top right-hand corner of the chrome browser

    If you can't see the Truple icon, you need to tell Chrome to show it clicking the two buttons shown below.

  5. Click Get Started

  6. Login with your subscribed Truple account*

    (if this doesn't work, update your Chrome OS to version 83+. Google broke the login system in Chrome OS v81--see announcements below)

  7. Answer the questions

  8. Provide a device name, and click Submit

  9. Grant the permissions**

  10. Hide the screen capture notification**

  11. Click the 3 vertical dot menu in the top right-hand corner, then click on Settings

  12. Click Sync and Google services

  13. Click Manage what you sync

  14. Disable History (If you don't do this, you may get false positives about the app being disabled)

  15. Click Extensions on the left side menu

  16. Scroll down and find Truple, then click on Details

  17. Scroll down then grant Truple the permission to work in incognito. (If this permission is removed, it'll trigger a tamper alert)

  18. Grant the screencast permission again as the application has to relaunch in order to have permission to run in incognito mode.

  19. (Optional) Go to the device settings page to further adjust the devices settings.

Other things to note:

  • We cannot prevent people from disabling the extension, however if they disable the extension then re-enable it, it will trigger a tamper alert.
  • It's not possible to block out banking sites from screenshots on Chromebook without introducing loopholes, so we have omitted this feature. Please consider using the image blur functionality. If you'd like to request that this be added as an optional feature even though it opens up loopholes let us know.
  • The app only supports screenshots from a single monitor. If a second monitor is added, an email will be sent indicating it's been added and could be used to bypass Truple. If you'd like support for multiple monitors please let us know.
  • Text redaction is not yet supported

** You'll be required to grant this permission each time the chromebook is turned off then back on. If it occurs more frequently for you, let us know at so we can investigate if there are differences among chromebooks we need to account for. Repeatedly rejecting or ignoring will cause a tamper alert to be sent.

* If the device is not physically present, you should not share your Truple credentials. Instead generate an "invite code" from by clicking on the "Generate Invite Code" button. Have the device owner login with a Truple account they own (which can be unsubscribed), then have them use the account & invite codes by answering the first question stating they'd like to add the device to a different account.

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