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Why you're asked to enter end-to-end encryption passcode

Understand why you're being asked for it, and how to have your browser to save it.

Last updated: October 30, 2023


Truple's End-to-End Encryption is a layer of security that keeps Truple's data secure. See this blog post for more info. No other accountability app offers this level of protection. Without end-to-end encryption, employees as the accountability app company can see your data. With it, no one can unless they somehow obtain your passcode.

Why am I being asked for the end-to-end encryption passcode?

Once end-to-end encryption (e2ee) has been enabled by the account owner, you'll be asked to enter the e2ee passcode prior to viewing the accountability report. If you fail to enter it in, you won't be able to view the report but will get errors about decryption failing. The account owner sets the e2ee passcode, and is told to write it down and tell anyone they wish to be able to view the reports what it is. Once you enter the e2ee passcode, the Truple website is designed to save the e2ee passcode in the web browsers cache. This makes it so you don't have to repeatedly enter it each time you go to view a report.

However, if you clear your browsers cache, then you'll have to enter it in again. If you get a new phone, or start using a new web browser, then you'll need to enter it in again. If you find you're having to re-enter it constantly, then either you (or some app on your device) is clearing your web browser cache for the Truple website. Figure out how to disable that and you won't need to enter it in so often. Sometimes antivirus software on android phones will do this, as well as "app cleaners", "space savers", etc.

The only other time you'll be asked to enter the e2ee passcode is if the account owner resets it. You'll be emailed an alert if this ever takes place.

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