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MacOS (OSX) App Update Guide

How to update your Truple MacOS App

Last updated: March 7, 2021


Until the issues with Apple are resolved, updates must be done manually. Please follow the steps below to update when the app prompts you to.

  1. Download the Truple app from

  2. Open the Finder app

  3. Go to the Downloads folder

  4. control + click or right click on the truple.macos.installer.pkg file, then select Open

  5. Read the warning message. Click open.

  6. Install the Truple Application by clicking through the installer. At the end, the app should open automatically.

  7. You'll then be prompted to grant the Screen Capture permission for the Truple app. Click Open System Preferences to do so.

  8. Check the box near the Truple app.

  9. Click Quit Now to shutdown the Truple app immediately. It should auto-restart on it's own.

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