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Why does Truple keep asking for the screencast permission?

Explanation behind the use of the screencast permission on Android

Last updated: October 30, 2023

Is the screencast permission requested repeatedly, just a few seconds apart?

If this is occurring, please restart your device then grant the permission once and it should be resolved. If this doesn't resolve the issue, contact

Is the screencast permission being asked for once after you reboot your phone?

This is expected behavior for devices running Android 5-10. The screencast permission is a runtime permission, meaning when you grant it, it's only granted for that one time.

On Android 9 and lower the screencast permission should have a Don't ask again checkbox. Be sure to check that and you won't need to grant it again.

Unfortunately on Android 10 Google removed the Don't ask again checkbox. The Truple app records Screenshot NOT Taken events if a screenshot failed to be captured due to it not having the screencast permission granted. If you're device uses Android 10 see if you can upgrade to Android 11.

Fortunately on Android 11 the screencast permission is no longer necessary for capturing screenshots.

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