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Android Battery Life Suggestions

Overview of Truple's impact on Android battery life

Last updated: October 30, 2023

We've spent a lot of time optimizing the Truple app to reduce battery drain. On newer phones, you'll regularly find Truple consumes less than 2-4% battery over a full charge. This can fluctuate based on how the device is used and the device settings.

If you're finding Truple is using more battery life than desired, adjusting the following settings will likely improve it.

  1. Fewer Screenshots - Capturing screenshots is where most of Truple's processing occurs. Fewer screenshots results in less battery drain. For example, changing from an average of one screenshot every 30 seconds to one screenshot every 2 minutes will reduce the screenshot processing by ~75%, and could yield up to a 75% reduction in battery drain.
  2. Disable Text Redaction - Text redaction demands more processing than anything else. If you have it enabled, consider disabling it.
  3. Disable Screenshot Risk Ratings - Screenshot risk ratings demand the second most processing. Consider disabling it.
  4. On some (typically older) versions of android, the WebView implementation contains memory/cpu leaks. WebViews are used when loading the Truple app and viewing screenshot and other accountability data. If you use an older device and are seeing high battery drain due to Truple, consider switching the device to not be able to view accountability data, or simply restart your phone each time after you view the data to ensure there aren't any lingering memory/cpu leaks. Unfortunately WebViews are controlled by your Android device, and we can't simply "fix" them.

You can make changes 1-3 at Switching the device type (#4) currently requires help from us. If you'd like to switch your device type just send an email from the subscribed Truple account to including the device name you'd like switched to a monitoring only device.

If, after adjusting 1-4 to reasonable options, you're still finding Truple is using a lot of battery life, reach out to We can work with you to diagnose the behavior.

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